Premium Tourism platform

Korea’s leading premium tourism platform

Korea’s leading premium tourism platform

Leading the Korean tourism industry by planning and developing
differentiated and innovative tour products for domestic and foreign tourists

Expertise in tourism content planning and development

Proven expertise in tourism content planning·development, winning various tourism contests.
2023 Seoul Excellent Tourism Product Contest Win./2018~23 Korea Tourism Organization, FIT Tourism Product Contest Excellence Award

Certified know-how in tourism field

have know-how recognized by Government Organization and local governments in planning, development, operation, and management in the tourism field.
-Travel agency for foreigners designated by Gyeongsangbuk-do Province & Gangwon special self-governing province & Korea Tourism Information, 2023.
-Travel marketing agency for foreigners designated by Jeollabuk-do Special Self-Governing Province, 2023.

Korea No.1 tourism professional system

-Having a foreign language qualified interpreter guide
-Establishment of partnerships with transport companies specializing in foreigners tours & travel agencies partnering with local Gov..
-Establishment of a perfect comprehensive safety management system for the entire tour

Safety tourism linked to travelers insurance

-Customized worry-free care insurance & concierge service
-Systematic service operation system
-Partner: Seoul Tourism Foundation, Jeollabuk-do Gov., Gyeongsangbuk-do Gov.

Having a unique promotional and marketing channel

Effective promotion and marketing at Incheon International Airport(T1, T2) concierge desks, transit tour desks, and major tourist information centers in the provinces.