planning, operation, execution, and follow-up management

Global professional MICE

Convergence service company

Specializing in international meetings, conferences, forums, exhibitions and fairs

Specializing in government and local government events, mega event planning and execution, various brand promotions, sports events and festivals.


Planning, operation, and management of exhibitions, events, PCO, airline ticket issuance, protocol, transportation, invitation registration, and tours through a one-stop system.

Specialize in planning MICE tours

Planning and development of tourism content for approximately 20 public institutions annually, acting as a tourism promotion and marketing business agent, and planning and developing proven high-quality tourism content.

MICE protocol and transportation

Korea’s best protocol company with know-how in VIP protocol and transportation for events where major overseas guests are invited.

Systematic management of MICE participants through support for ticket and visa issuance and airport VIP protocol and transportation management.

Promotional marketing ・design planning

Main design planning and development, support for various productions, stage design, and licensing matters for successful events.